Parque Nacional Huascarán (Huaraz) – Ancash

Parque Nacional Huascaran (Huaraz) – Ancash

Amazing views of snow-capped peaks, glaciers and turquoise lakes in the Huascaran National Park in Peru, part of Cordillera Blanca and the central Andes. The park is the highest tropical mountain range in the world, reaching height of 6,768 meters (22,205 feet). UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Filmed over 4 days at the following locations: Puya Raimondii viewpoint (0:01​), Pastoruri Glacier (0:33​), Laguna Chinancocha (2:28​), Lake 69 trek (2:48​), Querococha (6:04​), Lake Parón (6:20​).