Rainbow Mountain

The Rainbow Mountain (also known as Vinicunca, Montaña de Siete Colores, Mountain of Seven Colors) is a day trip/hike from Cusco, about three hours drive one way. It has been recently discovered for the mass tourism, but is already extremely popular and visited by hundreds of people daily, even though the 10km/6.2mi round trip hike to the viewpoint is quite strenuous because of the high altitude (from 4,460 mt/14,600 ft to 5035 m/16,520 ft). Many oversaturated photos of the mountain circulate online, so you might be disappointed by the view if you expect the colors to match what you can see on the ads in Cusco, but the hike itself is beautiful so this day trip is certainly worth taking.

Recorded July 2018 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX100.

Music: Rildrim – Moving Inward – 4 – Shifting Sands

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